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Single Input And Single Output Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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The single input and single output fiber optic splice closure can play the role of protection and continuity. The splice closure body is made of reinforced plastics with high strength, corrosion resistance, mature structure, reliable sealing and convenient construction


Optical fiber connectors and residual optical fibers can be stored sequentially, of which the splice closure can be up to four layers, with large capacity, and can adjust the splice closure according to the number of cores connected by the optical cable.

Prevent material aging caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen and microorganisms in nature, and have a considerable mechanical strength.

● Fire retardant and waterproof . Vibration, impact, cable tension and distortion can be protected.

● Suitable for direct and branching connection of various laying modes of structured optical cables, such as overhead, pipeline and buried directly.


Name: Fiber optic splice closure/One input and one output

Size: 280*200*90MM

Material: PC (Alloy)

Color: Black

IP Grade: IP68

Number of splice closure layers: 1-4 layers

Net weight: about 1.2KG

Capacity: (bundle) 12-96 core  (band) 144 core

Packing Details: Outer box size: 62*54*48CM    20pcs/box/24KG

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