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Outdoor/Indoor Wall Mounted 4/8 Ports FTTH Fiber Optic Patch Box

  • FTTH-015
  • MXT

Quick Details

Brand Name: MXT/OEM

Model Number: FTTH-015

Suitable Adapter: SC,LC,E2000

Adapter Ports: 4-8

Max Capacity of splice: 6

Size (mm): 210*140*40

Product Details

The wall-mounted optic fibre termination box allows for easy organization of optic fibre cables (up to 4 fibres, depending on the installed adapters.) The holes inside the box are suitable for installation of SC simplex adapters (connecting up to 8 fibres with SC or FC connectors, or up to 16 fibres with LC connectors). Ideal for splice and patching for FTTH application.


● Wall-mounted fibre optic distribution box for indoor applications (IP65)

● For connecting up to 16 LC or 8 SC/FC connectors

● The possibility of securing 12 splices

● Ease of installation, operation and maintenance

● The TBP8-001 fibre optic distribution box allows for easy and quick installation of optical fibres. It also protects splices and a splitter. In the box there is a splice tray (for 12 splices) and the place for a MICRO optical splitter. Three PG cable bushes are designed for optical cables with external diameter of 7-12 mm. The detachable outer cover is held on by clips and can be protected against unauthorized access by seals. The box is intended for wall mounting at the end of an optical line. It is used in internal/externel fibre optic networks e.g. in apartment, houses, office buildings, warehouses.

Competitive Advantage

MXT strictly enforce the ISO9001 quality management system, companies with good facilities and qualified human resources management to ensure product quality stability and excellent performance; and good after-sales service, to win the trust of customers, productsexported to Europe and the United States and Southeast 



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