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Light Source Pen


Light Source Pen is also called light pen, red light pen , visible light detection pen, optical fiber fault detector, optical fiber fault locator and so on. Most of them are used to detect optical fiber breakpoints. According to their shortest detection distance, they can be divided into: 5Km, 10Km, 15Km, 20Km, 25Km, 30Km, 35Km, 40Km, etc.


● Quantum well LD as light source;

● CW and MOD working mode;

● FC, SC and ST universal interfaces;

● Long detection distance;

● Power output is stable.

● Output the red laser visible to human eyes. The penetration force is very strong, and the leakage light from the fault point can still be clearly visible through the 3mm PVC layer.

● Multiplex electrostatic protection by nanotechnology;

● The shell is strong and durable.


Output Optical Power: >10mW

Output Distance: 10KM

Output Wavelength: 650nm

Fiber Optic Adapter: Universal Connector

Working Temperature:-20~70℃

Battery Type: Two Batteries Of No.5 Type

Demension: 17.5*2.6*2.6cm

Net Weight: 173g


● Fault location of optical fiber breaking and bending;

● Fault check in OTDR blind area;

● End-to-end optical fiber identification;

● Mechanical joint optimization.


● Telecom and CATV engineering and maintenance;

● Construction and maintenance of integrated wiring;

● Production and research of optical devices;

● Other Optical Fiber Engineering.

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