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FTTh Fiber Optic Tools Black Fiber Optic Splicing Tools Kits Waterproof Junction Box

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Kit including

28 sets of special projects for the list:

(1) Carrying Case

(2) - 2 Aluminum Alloy Toolbo

(3) key

(4) Strap toolbo toolbo

(5) MetalSKL-6CHigh precision cutting knife.

(6) Inner heagon minor knife

(7) Si angle in spatula.

(8) Heagonal major knife.

(9) Cut (using 2 section 5, the power of a knife packet

(10) AUA-9 light dry battery charging, the value of measurement 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm at the wavelength of the light of absolute power. Test range: -70dBm~+10dBm.

(11) Optical power FC adapter

(12) Gold metal AUA-10 kilometers pen red

(13) Red pen bag size

(14) 5 battery 4 section

(15) Red rope pen

(16) Red pen ceramic pipe

(17) Close some device

(18) AUA stripping device

(19) AUA fiber clamp

(20) Mini type alcohol bottle

(21) Dust-free paper

(22) Small parts storage bo

(23) Genuine Bao oblique mouth clamp stripping

(24) Authentic Gong Bao vise

(25) Authentic pliers

(26) Kevlar scissors

(27) Pair with a screwdriver

(28) Knife. Optical power SC adapter  

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